Work With Us

Our massage therapists are qualified, insured and caring in their approach - they will come equipped with everything required for the treatment booked.  A quiet space at work such as a meeting room is best for chair massage, relaxing music provided!

On-Site Chair Massage

The techniques used are based on acupressure massage which is an effective over the clothes treatment, providing relief from muscular tension whilst relaxing and calming the mind.  Sessions are carried out on an ergonomically designed chair, which our clients love, and without oils.  We recommend a regular session for maximum benefits.

Indian Head Massage

A relaxing and calming treatment which can be carried out at the desk without oils.  Head, neck, shoulders and upper back are covered to ease tension and promote wellbeing.

Massage at Work

  • On a regular basis - book a massage therapist to visit weekly, bi-weekly or monthly
  • On a one time basis - arrange a visit during a particularly demanding time, as a bonus or a reward
  • For a wellbeing day or week

Event Massage

  • At your industry expo - branded t-shirts can be worn
  • At a business show to attract more visitors
  • To promote and create a buzz around your brand