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Frequently Asked Questions

What is office massage?

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Massage at work is a simple, convenient, fully clothed chair massage for employees.  Workplace massage focuses on the main stress points of the back, neck, shoulders, arms and hands (depending on the length of treatment).  There’s no need for oils and employees can benefit from mind rest and an array of other positives. It’s an excellent way to provide wellness at work that improves overall health, energy levels and productivity.  The benefits of massage are endless!

How do you train your team?

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Each and every team member is already qualified and insured to carry out their area of expertise. In addition, they must pass a trade test and Massage therapists also receive in-House training with our founder.  We emphasise good body mechanics as it is important for the wellbeing of our bodyworkers. It also enables them to provide high quality treatments when working full days.

Is it expensive?

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One of the main benefits of workplace wellness is that it is an effective way of ensuring employees feel valued and appreciated. (Studies show that it is even more effective than a pay rise!) Retention of employees and increased productivity means that it is very cost effective.  We are not the cheapest and this is reflected by our service, it is also part of our core values to properly remunerate our team.

Do you offer discount on your prices?

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We do!  For regular, on-going bookings we offer discounts depending on how many sessions are booked.  Incorporating a long term well-being strategy will benefit your company and visibly demonstrate commitment to your best asset, your employees. That said, if you prefer to use us for one-off bookings to reward and incentivise, that’s absolutely fine too!